In-depth Review for Lowrance Elite 3X Fish Finder

At the surface

Fish finders are indeed a great help in locating and identifying where the targets are. There are a lot of models that are popular among users but the Lowrance Elite 3X is getting high remarks from fishermen. Users are mostly impressed by its affordability, size and functionality.

The Elite 3X is one of the most affordable fish finders in the market.  It is small and compact which makes it compatible and convenient when used in small boats. This fish finder is packed with the basic functions that are most essential for locating targets.

Other optional features are sold separately as accessories that’s why the Elite 3X is easy in the pocket. You only get what you need. Nothing more and nothing less.

Lowrance Elite 3X - Front

Going Deeper

 Fish I.D. and Broadband Sounder Technology

The Lowrance Elite 3X has a built-in Fish I.D. function that shows fish images instead of arches for better identification of targets. It is also equipped with the highly recognized Broadband Sounder which provides a detailed overview of objects. This will help you identify the shapes, forms, outlines, structures and other significant details to help you locate the fish targets.

Advanced Signal Processing

The Advanced Signal Processing or also referred to as ASP, helps minimize the need for manual adjusting. This way, it’s easier and convenient to view the structure, form, bottom and details. The ASP allows you to see the fishes more clearly.

Features and Benefits

  • It has an LED-backlit color display that allows you to clearly view the screen, even when you are under the sun. The backlit display can be modified depending on the lighting condition.
  • You can easily modify the viewing angles and positions using the quick-release, tilt and rotate function.
  • Its dual frequency helps you get the best view of objects that are underneath your boat.
  • The sonar frequencies allow you to reach 20 and 60 degrees suitable for displaying large fishes, areas and improved target separation.
  • You can zoom the images up to 4 times to get a better view.
  • The power function has backlight control so you can easily adjust during nighttime fishing.
  • Lowrance’s patented Skimmer transducer can view the bottom up to 75mph and has a built-in temperature sensor.

Lowrance Elite 3X - Side

Rating and Reviews

Based on extensive research, customers on average rate the Lowrance Elite 3X as 4.2 stars out of 5. The information above was collected from 216 customer reviews.

According to one user, he described the Elite 3X as “Good size and low weight for kayak use. The display is easy to read even in bright sunlight. Menus are easily navigated. Highly recommended!” Meanwhile, another user said that it “Works great. Easy clean install. As a plus shows battery voltage.” 

On the other hand, one user complained that “The depth is never correct. The unit tells me the water is 15, 20, 30, etc. feet deep when the water is physically 3.5 feet.”. Complaints regarding inaccurate depth readings were seen a handful of times. Although, some users mentioned that these inaccuracies only occurred in extremely shallow waters or if the boat was moving at extreme speeds. In many cases, customers praised the accuracy of the depth readings and did not have any issues. Perhaps these complaints were of the minority. A simple guide to managing the available settings to reduce these instances is provided here

Casting opinions

Overall, the Lowrance Elite 3X fish finder is a low-cost device that provides you with the basic features and functions you need in a fish finder. However, it doesn’t have advanced technology making it suitable for budget conscious users. It is small, compact and easy to use.


Tackle Box

Product Name

Lowrance Elite 3X

Display Type

LED-backlit color

Screen Size

3.5 inches

Screen Resolution

320 x 240 pixels



Imaging Type

Down imaging



Sonar Frequency

83 or 200 kHz

Transmit power

180 W RMS

Maximum depth

800 feet

Transducer mount

Transom, Trolling motor





Speed Sensor


Temperature Sensor



One year                           

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