5 Reasons you need a depth finder now

We love fishing, and so naturally we love talking about finding and catching them with the help of the many great fish finders available from partners like Humminbird, Deeper, Garmin and Lowrance.

But for anglers and non-anglers alike we thought it was about time to revisit another key purpose of the gear which is that of a depth finder. Many units are fish finders, depth finders, and chart plotters and these functions don't always get their due and are lumped in together. In our quest to impart knowledge and make sure that every choice you make about your gear is informed and clear, we have gathered the following 5 key reasons you need a depth finder!

You don't want to hit anything!

Familiar and unfamiliar bodies of water can present their own unique challenges at any time. Rocks, partially sunken or floating debris and changes in sea floor depth are all potential dangers if you aren't aware of your surroundings. When it comes to getting home safe, or avoiding costly repairs a depth finder can keep you informed of rapid changes around you. 

Prices have dropped

In 2010 a 7 series (now comparable to Helix 7) from Humminbird would have cost you between $800 and $1000. Now, and with improved technology, a Humminbird Helix 7 costs only $699 USD. Considering the advances in resolution, accuracy and additional features and the price drop, there is a depth finder for any price range that will provide incredible value to boaters and anglers alike.

Getting lost sucks

Fishing new lake systems is a treat but it can pose its challenges. Ok, so maybe that isn't a good example, but when the unexpected happens, it sucks. In addition to hitting wakes, debris or whatever else is out there, you want to get where you planned on going. Most depth finders (and fish finders) come with gps and chartplotting capabilities. If you want to take on new bodies of water, or more remote locations, this is a critical piece of kit. Without it you run the risk of stranding if you lose your way. In such situations, gas, people and help may be in low supply.

Fishing is hard enough

We've all had those days on the lake where you can do no wrong - it seems like the fish are finding you! But again... we've all had those days where you've got all tackle and kit, the fish finder is locating, you've set up around great structure and the fish just want nothing to do with you. 

Now imagine those scenarios with, and without a depth finder or fish finder of some sort? You're guessing. Fishing without a depth finder or fish finder should be called guessing. No matter your experience, there are those days that just don't make sense and a finder helps you know when to move on. Or when to stay put. Otherwise, you're guessing - and guessing doesn't make for good odds.

Depth finders tell a story

Lakes, oceans and other waterways have been a key part of our history for as long as we've been around. It's why we put cities where we do!

It's not surprising then that these waterways tell a story and sometimes we find something we're not expecting!

There's many reasons for any boater or angler to make the commitment and get a depth finder and these are just five of the top reasons. Find your motivation by examining all the ways not having the right rig is limiting your ability to be a Trophy Fisher.

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